The Shocking Revelation of Chocolate Moulding Machine.

P50 Little chocolate depositor is our new developed product because of client’s requirement on reduced production can produce various kinds of chocolates, which consists of mold baking,true depositing,fundamental filling,vibrating,cooling and chocolate can create high quality chocolates with or without interior filling. We’re dedicatedly engaged in producing chocolate holding tank high quality Chocolate Making Machine. The chocolate chips production line / drops chocolate depositing machine of model TQDJ800 is a piece of special chocolate gear for generating particle chocolate in the drops chocolate manufacturing line. We provide you a wide depositor program with just the most exact and high excellent machinery.

The controller board attached directly to the machine enables easy and convenient control of all machine parameters. INFINITY X2 Table Top Chocolate Moulding Machine; 20kg tank capability. Our qualified sales team as well as our client service will assist you throughout all the planning stages until your production is up and functioning.

Intended for small to medium production you can create hundreds of filled and solid deposited chocolates. The single-piston depositing method allows highly accurate depositing of little volumes. Depositing a measured  quantity of chocolate into a mould. Once the machine has passed our quality checks and been signed off by the client we can send, install and train your staff.

New and Improved COMPATTA 15 Automatic Continuous Tempering Machine and Enrober, now with 15 ounce chocolate tank capacity and 2 part enrober. All machines include a FREE Truffly Made Mold of your choice. This 2D Preheating & Demoulding Machine preheats the moulds ahead of the depositing period. Offered in different versions the SE14 series suits large scale manufacturing with its high speed and accuracy.

The depositor suits a small to moderate production and is available in many versions for different requirements. Together with the INFINITY AML to create a fully automatic solid chocolate molding line. Production Capacity(SPEED): 6-15 parts of moulds/minute. Changing between goods and depositing materials is fast and easy with the EP2.

Depositor:single head/double triple and heads heads,until five heads. If the machine includes a flow-through system, it’s likewise feasible to accurately deposit very modest chocolate volumes. The line constituted of pouring and draining structure and cooling tunnel. Our products sell well in domestic markets and are exported to the Mid East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Russia using a high view from customers.

Then, the moulds pass through the shaking unit where any air bubbles have been removed and an even residue of chocolate is ensured. Our group of highly skilled British engineers complete the production process ensuring all equipment is CE compliant, and ready for many years of reliable production on your own factory.